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Hangzhou Zhouju Electronic Technological Co., Ltd.

Zhouju Technology is a high-tech enterprise integrating with the DC motor driver research of theoretical algorithm, software and hardware development, PCBA manufacture and sales.


Zhouju Technology consists of Hangzhou Headquarter, Changchun Research Institute and Anji Manufacturing Base. Zhouju Technology has the first-class R&D team of more than 70 engineers, including 5 doctors and more than 10 masters. Zhouju obtained more than 30 patents. lt is rare that Zhouju has the ability to develop motor model algorithms and complete independent intellectual property rights. Zhouju Technology will lead domestic inverter industry to advanced world standard.


Anji manufacturing base covers an area of 5 acres(20000㎡). Floor area is about 7.5 acres(30000㎡). Annual production capacity is up to 20 million pieces PCBA.


Plant area

Existing employees

Zhouju currently has many branches such as Hangzhou Headquarter, Anji Manufacturing Base and Changchun Research Institute. It has a mature and sound technology research and development system and management system, and pays attention to the talent strategy management concept of parallel enterprise development and employee development.



Zhouju respects and trusts every employee and recruits outstanding and innovative personnel to join the team. We will strive to create a relaxing office environment where talents must be adopted, united, and innovation-encouraging. We firmly believe that as long as each employee actively contributes, they will be able to share the success achieved through hard work.


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