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R & D strength

Strong R & D strength



R&D Team

We have a research and development team of 100 people, all of whom have a bachelor's degree or above. Among them, there are 5 doctors and 20 masters. And we have in-depth technical cooperation with the Department of Physics of Jilin University, a professional scientific research team including academicians, professors, etc., jointly participate in product-related theories and technical research.



Business area

We are committed to the application and promotion of DC variable frequency drives and the whole electrical control technology, and has successfully developed drives and related main control board products, which have been widely used in industrial equipment, HVAC, household appliances and other fields.



Technology Patents

We have 11 patents and software copyrights including 4 invention patents; we gained the certification of "High-tech Enterprise Supported by the State" in 2014 and passed the reexamination in 2017. In 2018, we obtained the certification of Hangzhou Enterprise High-tech Research and Development Center.

R & D team

Dr Yang Yang
Jilin R&D Center: 3 doctors, 5 graduate students Yang Yang is currently a lecturer and postdoctoral fellow at the School of Physics of Jilin University. Dr Yang has strong organizing ability,as well as experience in building and managing motor controller R&D and production teams.He has resided over and participated in a number of basic and applied research projects supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, the Science and Technology Department of Jilin Province, the Changchun Science and Technology Bureau and so on, being able to clearly formulate the R&D tasks in the project, reasonably arrange the priority of manpower and material resources according to the priorities. He is good at technical team management, and coordinating the relationship between technology, production, sales, and after-sales.  Being familiar with the parts supplier system in motor control, Dr Yang is capable of evaluating supplier and parts performance, and integrating the supplier system to balance product BOM costs and improve product quality. Dr Yang is proficient in permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) and AC asynchronous motor (ACIM) vector control (FOC) technology, and he is able to complete Matlab/Simulink model simulation, bottom single-chip drive, top-level algorithm development, control strategy optimization, motor performance matching, and etc. Dr Yang is proficient in the hardware system of the motor controller for pure electric vehicles, and he is able to complete device selection, schematic design, PCB Layout, system debugging, etc. Dr Yang is well versed in the driving technology of power electronic devices such as IGBT and MOSFET, as well as familiar with the characteristics of power devices,and able to complete IGBT selection, simulation, testing, etc., He also has rich experience in using high-voltage IGBTs and low-voltage MOSFETs in parallel with high current. Dr Yang is skilled in motor controller structure design, with design experience in water-cooled and air-cooled mass production products. He can combine experience and simulation in the early stage of the product to optimize the product structure, and balance the process, cost, installation and other issues brought by the product structure.  Being familiar with the DVP experiment process of motor controller products, Dr Yang is able to solve various practical problems in the DVP experiment.  Dr Yang is adept in motor controller measurement system, with experience in purchasing, building, and debugging motor controller dynamometer system.  Dr Yang is familiar with the architecture of the electronic control system of the electric vehicle, and is able to complete the function, performance, and protocol matching of the battery, vehicle controller, instrument, DCDC, charger, intelligent network connection and other electron components of the motor system. Besides, Dr Yang is also well versed in the test standards, functional specifications and technical conditions related to the motor controller.
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